Safe and Rechargeable Child Nose Cleaner


This Safe and Rechargeable USB Child Nose Cleaner is made of soft silicone with BPA free, the part can be separated so that it can be wash easily. It is also built with filter sponge to avoid the snot to flow into it. It is also one button to control. Press on the button one time to on it, two times to increase the power of suction and three times to turn it off.

Safe and Rechargeable USB Child Nose Cleaner is quiet when in use so it would not disturb your baby when they are sleeping. The storage box is visible so that user can see the snot clearly. It comes with two silicone head that is gourd design and funnel design. The Gourd design is suitable for a newborn baby while the funnel design is suitable for 2-8 years old baby.

  • One Button Control
  • Chargeable Using USB
  • Easy to bring and clean
  • Visible Storage Place
  • Healthy Filter Sponge

Suitable Age: 0 - 8 years old

Size:  20 cm x 4 cm