Safe and Adorable Anti Roll Pillow for Babies


This Safe and Adorable Anti Roll Pillow for Babies combines the benefits of a crib wedge and a vented sleep positioner to provide your baby a comfortable and firm night's rest. The crib wedge is designed to help digestion and ease breathing and the air vent bumpers help keep your little one cool and snug.

The mesh material is soft to touch and allows air to pass through to help reduce the risk of overheating, making it comfortable for your baby to fall asleep.

  • Crib wedge feature elevate baby's head to help ease breathing
  • Patented curved bumpers conform to baby's natural shape when the baby
  • Sleeps on its side
  • Suitable for babies between 0-4 months.
  • Sleeping mats made of 100% cotton velvet, machine washable, soft and comfortable to ensure your baby's comfort
  • The curved armrests prevent the baby from slipping off the mattress

Size: 40 cm x 31 cm