Headrest Protection Backpack

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Is your baby just learning to walk? Are you worried every time they take another wobbly step forward? Put your mind at ease!

Keep your babies snug and safe is a MUST
. This BABY PROTECTION BACKPACK ensures that if your baby ever falls backward, the back of her head will ALWAYS be protected.

Now you can assist in cushioning your baby from easy falls and prevent them from hurting their head or shoulder when learning to walk, run and crawl. 

Baby head protection pad is a pad with cute wings for the safety of your child when they almost can sit or when they start walking, to break the fall. Solely designed with safety in mind, this backpack will help keep your baby protected!

The adjustable head-guard protection has advantages of shock absorption, impact resistance, good air permeability, soft, non-toxic, odorless, antisepsis, environment protection, etc.

  • Protects your baby's head in case of any accidental falls/bumps.
  • Keeps your baby safe when you're not looking.
  • Soft and Breathable.
  • Adjustable shoulder length.
  • Very light and not any pressure on baby's shoulder.
  • Cute appearance, which makes your baby a bright spot wherever.